Rienus bekijkt de afdrukken van de postzegels
Rienus Gundel, grafisch ontwerper

Rienus Gündel Franciscus

Graphic Designer
10/04/1967, Dordrecht, The Netherlands
+31 (0) 6 50 575 500


RRienus Gundel Franciscus (1967, Dordrecht, the Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam. He started his career in 1985 as a junior window dresser, stylist, and visual merchandiser for a Dutch high-end department store, ‘De Bijenkorf’. He designed monumental spaces, window displays, and stands and made visual concepts, for both fashion and interior departments in the Netherlands.

After 7 years with them, he continued doing similar activities for other companies. Sometimes under contract but also as a freelancer. After some years he worked as an assistant costume & stage designer for various decor & theatre productions.

While working on his visual retail concepts in the 90s, Rienus Gundel Franciscus came into contact with the computer, digital media, and its features. Through various training sessions and a lot of trial and error, he became very knowledgeable with graphic computer designing software, e.g., Adobe and Office software. Subsequently, he worked as an all-around art director and graphic designer, not only focusing on commercial design but also working with lay-outs for magazines and newspapers, package-, logo- and marketing design, and corporate identities. He also gained expertise in image manipulation with the early Photoshop.

Since 2012, he has also worked as a visual artist together with his husband; painter Frans Franciscus (1959, Utrecht, the Netherlands). They form a duo under the name Franciscus & Franciscus. They have worked together on several art projects and on a growing series of photographic portraits that are exhibited in galleries and Museums in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2015, they received a travel grant from the Dutch Mondriaan Fund for 4 months in Curaçao. To extend their series with portraits of characteristic (Afro) Caribbean people. In addition to his previous accomplishments,

Rienus Gundel Franciscus has also ventured into designing for gallery spaces and exhibitions in Museum W. His work has extended to curating and creating visual concepts for museum displays. Moreover, Rienus has recently developed an interest in Artificial Intelligence, particularly in the field of creating new images. He is currently exploring this exciting new journey with Midjourney, aiming to delve into the endless creative possibilities offered by AI technology.

Curriculum Vitae

Freelance activities

2OO6 till present

Graphic designer

  • Design & advertising agencies: 180, ARA, Arti et Amicitiae, Babbels, Beyen Meyer, Borish, Bose HQ Europe, Bureau Pindakaas, B.S.U.R., Cheil, Circus Family, Compasso Mundocom, De Combinatie van Factoren, Design Bridge, DieTwee, Draft/FCB, Eigen Fabrikaat, Euro RSCG, Flincke Jongens, Habo DaCosta, Intratuin, Intres, Jacks Marketing, Kega Group, KSM, Leo Burnett/Arc, McCann Erickson, Meijer & Walters, Most Matters, Neboko/Retail, Nike HQ Europe, Ogilvy Streamline, Only, Publicis, Philips Design, Rapp Collins, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sockeye, Spring Communication, SVT Branding & Design, TBWA\Brand Experience, TBWA\Neboko\Tequila, They, This is 2008, Tomeloos, Tommy Hilfiger, Y&R Not Just Film.

Art director

  • The Fundraising Company, Outreach Fundraising, Philips, Van Haren Publishing, Intres, Remeha en Unica.


  • Jan Aarntzen, The Ashton Brothers (theater) – 2023
  • Pythia Tarenskeen Styling – 2018
  • F. Franciscus, JJIC Penitentiary, Willemstad, Curaçao, mural – 2016
  • F. Franciscus, Ye Olde Calton Arms Hotel, New York, mural – 2012
  • Lydia Schouten – visual artist – painings for monument ‘verdronken dorpen’ Zeeland – 2009
  • Anthony Sgard – modelmaker – 2009

Highlights of projects

  • Exhibition design for Museum W, Weert, the Netherlands, 2024
  • Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam, new housestyle for corporate identity
  • Tante Kee, restaurant te Kaag: restyling and new houstyle.
    By ‘JRE Group’ proclaimed as ‘Restaurant of the year 2018’ & nominated for ‘best restyling’ by ‘Entree’ platform for the catering industry in the Netherlands.
  • Milkshake Festival 2017, graphic design
  • Arti Museumn8, 2016, graphic design
  • ‘Windkracht Oost’, graphic design for free magazine, Amsterdam 2011
  • Flatland Gallery, a.o. ‘Flatland Journal’ 2012-2013
  • ‘Digital studies after Memling’ series of portraits with F. Franciscus 2012-2013
  • Shadowboxing, a Dutch contemporary art exhibition in St. Petersburg 2013
  • Stichting Nieuw & Meer, 25 jaar, graphic design 2013
  • F. Franciscus, ‘works of mercy’ graphic design book 2010
  • Remeha, graphic design book 75 year jubilee, 2010

employment career

1985 - 2006

Idea Industry, Amsterdam

February 2006 - July 2006

Graphic Designer

  • Design and DTP
  • campaigns, brochures, advertisements, annual reports, corporate identities
  • clients: including Ster, Stibat, Joop van den Ende, Bestlife, TopTicketLine

V&D, department store HQ, Amsterdam

August 2004 - February 2006

graphic designer

  • Design and execution of div. components
  • Design and guidance for execution of display materials for store image
  • Support and guidance for studio DTP specialists

KPMG headoffice, Amstelveen

February 2002 - August 2004

Graphic designer

  • design and implementation of visual language
  • design various templates and standards for advertisements, brochures, and leaflets filling in the gaps and inconsistencies of the corporate identity
  • implementation of various brochures, proposals, drawings, etc.
  • rollout of corporate identities

DataDistilleries International, Amsterdam

Maart - December 2001

Graphic Designer

  • Design and implementation of new branding/identity
  • Execution of designs (website, printed materials, point of sale materials, stand construction, advertisements, presentations etc.)
  • Brand identity management

Williams Lea, Londen, Engeland

2000 - 2001

Graphic designer

  • Design and development of logos and corporate identities
  • Development of presentations, advertisements,
  • Helpdesk for template users

Bridge Marketing & Communication Support BV, Amsterdam

1997 - 2000

art director

  • Development and elaboration of concepts
  • Development and elaboration of various commercials
  • Creative guidance for DTP professionals”

Duncan Jeans BV, HQ Nijkerk


Visual merchandiser / art director

  • visual Merchandiser design store
  • concepts and promotions
  • training presentation techniques
  • procurement of display materials and printwork

WE International, HQ Utrecht

1994 - 1995

hoofd etalagedienst europa

  • Designing retail concepts and product presentations
  • Leading a team of 22 visual merchandisers in the Netherlands
  • Conducting various photo shoots for magazines – art direction
  • Providing creative guidance to visual merchandisers and branches in Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland
  • Purchasing materials

CZAR films International, Amsterdam


casting- en art director

  • diverse commercials en videoclips

De Bijenkorf BV, HQ Amsterdam

1991 - 1993

visual merchandiser

  • training in presentation techniques
  • guidance in product presentations for managers of all branches
  • translating purchasing concepts into store concepts

De Bijenkorf BV, Utrecht

1985 - 1991

branch stylist / window dresser

  • displays and store presentations for fashion and home department
  • creative guidance for all visual merchandisers
  • transforming fashion concepts into retail concepts
  • materials procurement

Guest lessons
and trainings

As a teacher

  • Instituto Bueno Bista, art school, Willemstad, Curaçao
  • Meester Koetsiersschool / High School for Fashion, Amsterdam
  • Intermediate School for Horticulture, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Nimeto, Graphic school, Utrecht
  • Vogue Fashion academy, Amsterdam
  • Perry Sport, for window dressers and visual merchandisers

Freelance activities

1989 - 2000

Fotostyling Props theater

1994 - 1996

  • La Cage aux Folles (stardust productions)
  • Zzinderella (Domizia productions)
  • Carmen (ID Theater)

Elaboration of Ttheater costumes

1994 - 1996

  • La Cage aux Folles (Stardust productions)
  • Zzinderella (Domizia productions)
  • Carmen (ID Theater)
  • La Bloemen (ID Theater)
  • You’re the Top (American Songbook)
  • Div. John de Mol en Joop van de Ende produkties

Assistent set design

1994 - 1996

  • For theater productions in the paragraph above
  • Purper 11 (ID Theater)
  • Karin Bloemen & Adelheid Roosen (VARA) Dutch Television

Art/Concept/ DTP

1995 - 2000

  • Hij Mannenmode: showcase concepts autumn 1995 and spring 1996
  • Thomas Cook: design map furniture
  • JP Casting: design corporate identity and newspaper
  • Magna Plaza: design Christmas, spring and fall decorations 1993 – 1994
  • Club ROXY: various concepts: flyer and decor designs
  • Gregg Lawson & whatshisname: art direction for animated film
  • Stand design for various companies
  • Design logos, corporate identities etc. for various companies
  • Flatland Gallery, Utrecht: implementation of brochures