Erwin Olaf, 2016

Franciscus & Franciscus Our work combines traditional oil painting techniques with modern photography to create timeless, contemporary pieces. Each portrait captures striking realism and emotional depth, bringing together the artistry of painting and the art of photography. Our adaptability to clients’ individual styles and preferences ensures stunning results, whether they prefer traditional, formal portraits or […]

Italian portraits

Donna con tazza arancione, 2014

Franciscus & Franciscus In 2014, the duo made a series using Italian backgrounds taken from their travels in Sicily, Rome, and Venice. The thought was to digitally reinvent a Dutch 17th-century landscape style. This was a style of Dutch painting where the artist most likely had never seen the landscape with his own eyes. In […]


The Guardian (Pilgrimage 14), 2019

Franciscus & Franciscus The artist duo Franciscus & Franciscus has acquired fame since 2012 with their photographic portrait series, ‘After Memling’. They ‘paint’ with digital tools, inspired by the classic portrait art of Flemish master Hans Memling (1430/40-1494). In 2015 they worked for four months on this series on the island of Curacao, after being granted […]

After Memling

Man with Carnation, 2012

Franciscus & Franciscus Hans Memling (Seligenstadt, circa 1430-40 – Brugge,1494) was the first painter who used backgrounds behind his painted models. The portrayed were almost always depicted holding a small object in their hand. The hands were painted as if they were leaning on the paintings frame. This surreal atmosphere intrigued F. Franciscus. In 2010 […]

Curaçao portraits

Madonna of Otrobanda, 2015

Franciscus & Franciscus In 2015, the duo was granted by the Mondriaan Funds to be artists in residence at The Instituto Buena Bista on the island of Curaçao. During the 4 months, the duo worked on an autonomous series capturing archetypical characters as well as some famous islanders in their unique way. The works are […]

Franciscus & Franciscus

The Bulika girls, 2013

Franciscus & Franciscus Curaçao portraits After Memling Pilgrimage Italian portraits Commissioned FFranciscus & Franciscus are the joined forces of artist F. Franciscus (1959, Utrecht, the Netherlands) and his spouse, graphic designer and stylist Rienus Gündel Franciscus (1967, Dordrecht, the Netherlands). Both within the course of their careers have worked with the many facets of staged photography. […]